Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Brielle's school hosted a daddy daughter dance this past month, and I thought it was so cute!! Elli was so excited!! She couldn't decide what to wear, so she changed like 3 times...finally when she approved of her outfit we were running low on time. I asked her are you so excited to go on a date with daddy? she told me well mom, this isnt really a date, because when you go on a date you go to the movies. I love her sooo much!! She puts a smile on my face all the time:)
They had alot of fun at the dance, they danced alot, and Elli saw alot of friends from school so spent some time with them too.

Brandon called me after the dance and said that Elli kept talking about how she wants to go on a date to the movies. She sure loves her daddy! She felt like a princess the whole night, and she couldnt have asked for a better date! I love my family so much and am so excited for alot more fun memories to come along!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Party

Its been sooo long, so Im just going to start posting about things that have been going on lately. We finally got our first house in Hesperia, CA and absolutly love it! We have made some awesome friends and love getting together with them!!

Our friends daughter who is Aisley's age had turned 4 and had a little bday party. We were told to come in pettiskirts, and she gave them cute wings and halos! They had so much fun:)

This is Jarin, who is a year younger than Elli, but they play so well together, and love to hang out!

My friend Royah, made a beautiful cake! She has such a talent with cakes!

Elli and the bday girl!

Sam and Ayes making a cute craft

We got Audrey this scooter, and the second we bought it Aisley was asking mom can i ride it...then the day of the party that was all she wanted to do was have a ride on the scooter. Audrey was nice enough to let her take a ride on it after throwing a fit about it! Thats ayes for ya!
My beautiful Brielle

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anut B's Wedding

As soon as we got home it was time for Aunt B and Uncle Jeff's wedding. It turned out sooo beautiful, and Colorful! She had so many fun colors, and decorations. My kid's had the time of their lives. Elli had been talking about this wedding for months, and she truly had a blast. She felt like a beautiful princess the whole night!

This is Bran's really good friend since his was a little boy
and this is his fiance Jen. We're so excited for them!

The swing dancers! They both love to swing, and are both really good at it too so it's always fun to watch

Elli's favorite great Uncle. She's always adored Uncle Mike. It's way cute!

Our Family at the end of a fun night
Toward the end of the reception in Ut this is what i found in the bathroom: hmm lil troublemakers...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach House-March

I know this is late, but we went to my grandparents beach house in Oceanside for a week. It was so relaxing, and fun hanging with my grandparents and my family!
At the condo's they have little activities for kid's. One of them was making flip flops, Elli loved that! And dad helped make Aisley's.
This is my sis, Keleny, trying out the surf. She did pretty good, and good for her cuz the water was freezing cold!!!
Dad and Elli spent alot of time playing in the sand..
And Ayes spent alot of time chasing the birds all the way down the beach
Aisley was so happy daddy could get some time off of work to come hang out with her!!
My little beach babes!!
Brielle loved riding her bike along the beach!

Swimming was the highlight of course!!

Love love love this picture of my chubber cheeks miss maddi!

Elli really wanted to help Grammy Dixie out on some of her sewing,she really had fun trying to help

We went to a farmers market in carlsbad and the kid's had this balloon man make them some super cool balloons.